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Insight Radio Interview

Indian instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav talks about the Inner Vision Orchestra, a group of blind musicians touring the UK on Insight Radio, the radio station of RNIB.

Aired on 14th October 2014.
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Inner Vision perform on BBC Asian Network

Baluji Shrivastav and 2 members of the Inner Vision Orchestra Vctoria Oluwari and Ziad Sinno perform LIVE on BBC Asian Network. If you missed it you can catch it for 4 weeks only by clicking on this link - go to 1 hour 18 mins and 32 seconds into the show http://

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The Elusive Ethnomusicologist - fROOTS on Inner Vision by Elizabeth Kinder

The Inner Vision Orchestra appear on fROOTS Magazine

...The brainchild of Baluji Shrivastav, the Indian-born virtuoso sitar player and composer, his Inner Vision Orchestra is populated by musicians of varying ages from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds from Peggy to Nigerian singer Victoria Oruwari, with the Lebanon, Japan, Iran, the UK (and India) all represented. The music is a smŲrgŚsbord of music from these different places with a smattering of blues and jazz and Spanish guitar thrown in. The multicultural theme is clear, but when it comes to crossing boundaries, what underpins this music and the experience of it is the confronting and possibly the transcendence of personal barriers...

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Eastern Eye Article on Inner Vision Orchestra

Balujiís Inner vision
by Asjad Nazir

Someone who has been blind from a
young age, multi-instrumental musical
genius Baluji Shrivastav has made a
name for himself on the world stage.
Although he has played with A-list

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Baluji on Asian Culture Vulture

"ITíS ALMOST getting to the point where he is better known by his first name than his full name.
Baluji Shrivastav is the man behind Inner Vision..."

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