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Classical Indian Musician


Baluji offers concerts in any of the options below or combinations of options including duets jugulbandi with other musicians :


  • Sitar with tabla and tanpura accompaniment.

  • Surbahar with tabla/pakhavaj and tanpura accompaniment.

  • Dilruba with tabla, swaramandal and tanpura accompaniment

  • Vocal khayal style with tanpura and tabla accompaniment

  • Vocal dhrupad style with pakhavaj and tanpura accompaniment

  • Tabla solo with harmonium accompaniment

  • Pakhavaj as accompaniment for dhrupad

  • Vedic Chants

  • Chanting in Sanskrit with tanpura and nattuvangam-finger cymbals


Light Classical Music :

  • Bhajans-religious songs in Hindi, Sanskrit and Bridge with harmonium, sitar and tabla accompaniment.

  • Ghazals- Urdu poems by the greats. Plus original compositions sung with sitar, harmonium and tabla accompaniment.

  • Film Songs- old favourites plus some new, sung with sitar, harmonium and tabla accompaniment.

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