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Baluji has been commissioned to write new works for concerts, TV, Film, Theatre and Dance 

Antardrishti _ Southbank Centre2-Photo Francoise Lamy.jpg

Kuchipudi dancer Arunima Kumar, performs while Baluji and the other musicians perform Antartdrishti, Mumbai 2017


Antardrishti: Inner Vision

The Antardrishti-Inner Vision project was funded by Unlimited and composed by Baluji Shrivastav and

featured blind musicians from the Inner Vision Orchestra in the UK and in India. Antardrihti premiered at the Southbank Centre in 2017.

What is worse than having no sight? Having no vision. Indian maestro Baluji Shrivastav presents Antardrishti – InnerVision, a production inspired by the Bhagavad Gita. The performance will explore the concept of inner vision, and the complex interplay between light and darkness, examining what sight and sightlessness are.


A minimised version of this rather grand and elaborate composition can be seen here 

Duration: 90 mins

An of image of Sohini and the river, The Tragic Love of Sohini and Mahival, London 2015

Sohini's fate!.JPG

The Tragic Love of Sohini and Mahival - An Urdu Oratorio


Music by Baluji Shrivastav and Dario Marianelli, Libretto by Baluji Shrivastav

Commissioned by The Indian In London Festival with support of the Arts Council of England premiered at Union Chapel Islington London

This work is fascinating in many respects. It is based on a famous Indian love story using vocalists and musicians from both Indian and Western disciplines. This work extends the tradition of oratorio and opens up new possibilities for Indian music. The process of collaboration is challenging, especially for composers with such differing perspectives. The result is a moving portrayal of a powerful story.

This is a scored composition.


Dario Marianelli - Composer

Dario Marianelli (born in Pisa, Italy) is a composer of piano, orchestral, and film music. He has composed the soundtracks for The Brothers Grim (2005) and Pride and Prejudice (2005). He received Oscar nominations for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures Original Score for Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. He has won Best Original Score for the score of Atonement at the 80th Academy Awards and Golden Globe for Best Original Score. He has collaborated with Joe Wright three times, including Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and The Soloist and Anna Karenina.


Like their European cousins Romeo and Juliet, Sohini and Mahival are tragically star-crossed lovers and their powerful story is a rich source of inspiration

Duration: 50 mins

Sitar Guitar Suites Cropped.jpg

Baluji and Boo Boo Sianturi, Practising before the recording of Sitar Guitar Suites by Naxos, London 2019


Sitar Guitar Suites 


Commissioned by renowned guitarist Timothy Walker with support from the Arts Council Great Britain. Premiered at Purcell Rooms South Bank London.

This is a scored work.


The composition is a garland of scales emanating from Thaat Poorvi. The first movement begins with an exploration of chords and harmonies followed by a guitar/sitar duet in 7 beats, discovering 3,5,8,11, and 13 beats within roopak of 7 beats.

The second movement begins with a composition including an improvised section. Thirteen ragas in Poorvi  Thaat unfold.

The third and shortest movement consists of sitar and guitar together followed by a simple jhala concluding with a tihayi.

Duration: 40 mins 

Baluji addresses the auidience after performing Indian in London, Barcelona 2014

Indian in London Barcelona.jpg

An Indian in London for sitar and string orchestra.


Commissioned by The Indian In London Festival supported by Arts Council England. Premiered at Union Chapel Islington London


This expresses the experience of immigration through music. It is a valuable addition to the understanding of the hopes and fears of the swathes of humanity who have left their homeland to find a better life elsewhere. It follows the journey from India to the streets of London depicting the mixed emotions felt on the way.

This is a scored work.


Duration: 50 mins


Song Celestial - Ancient Wisdom New Music 


Commissioned by St. Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and premiered there. Supported by PRS Foundation and Arts Council England  


Nominated for British Composer's Award. This is a scored composition.


Baluji Shrivastav brings the ancient mystical Bhagavad Gita alive with this newly commissioned composition presented together with the spoken word.

The Bhagavad Gita (also called the mokshashastra) is one of the great scriptures of the world and has been celebrated over the generations by many great artists. Baluji was taught to recite the Gita in Sanskrit by his father as a boy and a particularly moving chapter "Viswarupadarsha yoga" (Revelation of the Divine Form) has been the source of inspiration in the creation of this composition.  In this particular chapter, Arjun is given 'divine' sight in order to perceive the divine form of Lord Krishna (and all the universe) and go beyond the limits of ordinary human perceptions.  On a personal level for Baluji Arjun represents the world and Krishna, the source of knowledge and wisdom. Song Celestial is his exploration of these ideas and their universality through music.


Sanskrit in addition to it's use in religious texts it is believed that the very sounds and resonance of Sanskrit (which is chanted) can affect consciousness and alter perception..

Within the piece, each of the instruments symbolizes a character or element: Surbahar the mature Krishna, Violin Arjun,  Kora the battlefield Kurukshetra where the story of the Gita and Mahabharata take place. As in the narrative of the Gita where Sanjay depicts the action of the story to the blind King Dhritrashtra. So the poet/storyteller guides us with the spoken word.


Duration: Up to 90 mins 


Taal Zindagi: Rhythm of Life Percussion Orchestra


Commissioned by Croydon Mela Supported by PRS Foundation and Arts Council England 

Inspired by the rhythms of life celebrated composer and Indian Classical musician Baluji Shrivastav leads a powerful new percussion ensemble which will draw on rhythms from the Indian Subcontinent and beyond.  Work with the rhythms of our everyday lives; be it the first beats of the heart, the patterns of our speech; all that goes on around us in cycles as we move from birth to death/rebirth.

The performance features 8 mesmerising London-based percussionists including Baluji Shrivastav (pakhavaj & gopi), Manjit Rasiya  (tabla), R.R. Prathap (gatam, clay pot),  R.N. Prakash (mridangam double-headed drum), Kadiah Sitha (Jews Harp), Oded Kafri  (kit), Wlimer Sifontes (Latin percussion) and Hashuo Liu (Chinese drums). 


The professional musicians can be joined on stage by up to fourty local young and amateur musicians who will be introduced to Indian percussion over a number of workshops prior to the performance.


Duration: 40 mins


Composing for TV, Film, Theatre and Dance. 


Film and TV Music


  • Balujis music has been used extensively in the American TV sitcom Outsourced. 

  • Baluji played in Ballad of Sadeep an award winning film directed by Derek Fry. 

  • He has also created music for various TV and radio shows including Channel 4 Blood Strangers with Dario Marianelli. 

  • 'Masala' directed by Srinivas Krishna

  • 'A Love Supreme' directed by Nilesh Patel

  • 'Savitri' documentary film.




His music for theatre is powerful and has enhanced many productions with rave reviews.

  • Composer & Musical Director for productions of  Little Clay Cart,  Tejo Vania  and Stories not for Telling - Tara Arts

  • Assistant musical director for British Asian Theatre, FilmFilmFilm , by Farouk Dhondy Featuring Meera Syaal at Shaw Theatre London

  • Composer and musical director Shakuntala The Lost Ring,  Theatre Royal Stratford East

  • Musical Director Untouchable,  Tamasha Theatre at Riverside Studios

  • Blood Wedding Kali Theatre at Oval House Theatre


Music for Dance


Baluji composed and recorded music for various dance dramas including Fiercer Kind of Being and the Golden Deer which toured throughout the UK

He has played  and toured with some of the worlds greatest Indian Dancers such as Akram Khan and Nahid Siddiqui

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