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Baluji believes that participating in music-making can transform lives. Our workshops are for people who want to play music and also for those who like to be around music-making. Our aim is for people to have a good time in a musical environment. Some participants go on to join the Inner Vision Orchestra. Workshops are given by Baluji and other blind or partially sighted musicians who have skills to share.

All our workshop leaders are DBS checked.

We offer bespoke music workshops for all ages and abilities, for all blind and sighted people, all led by the talented and charismatic members of the Inner Vision Orchestra. These range from introductions to music or can include a broad range of subjects including Vocals, Arabic music, English folk, Indian music, Colombian rhythms, and Percussion. These can be held in-person or held online on Zoom and Jamulus.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 226 2094 


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This was an amazing event which we couldn't have enjoyed more; it was a fantastic opportunity and a great privilege to have been able to meet and learn a little from a wonderful musician. BucksVision Member

George Ferguson

The opportunity for Henshaw’s visually impaired young people and adults to take part in the Inner Vision Workshop was very rewarding. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet Baluji and Linda. We enjoyed the sessions so much, we are looking forward to welcoming them for future workshops in the Greater Manchester area, so that more of our Henshaw's services users will be able to take part.


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