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Collaboration: Antardrishti-Inner Vision Multi-Media with Addictive TV

Addictive TV was asked to record and film blind musicians in India (both from Inner Vision and guest artists) and audiovisually sample them, bringing both a visual and mixed-media element to the Antardrishti-Inner Vision project.

The Antardrishti-Inner Vision project was funded by Unlimited and composed by Baluji Shrivastav and featured blind musicians from the Inner Vision Orchestra in the UK and in India. Participants in the multi-media collaboration with Addictive TV were based at The International Centre in Goa, where many of the musicians met for the first time and where they rehearsed together for the following two weeks. During this period Addictive TV organised multiple recording sessions, as well as recording/filming percussive sights and sounds of India – from market places and workers making bricks by the roadside to an elderly woman traditionally grain winnowing (the ancient practice of separating the wheat from the chaff). The films and samples were integrated into performances of Antardrishti-Inner Vision. Recordings of the musicians also became part of Addictive TV's 'Orchestra of Samples'.

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