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Original Composition: Roche Global Change Makers Campaign

Our Change Makers campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact of vision loss on daily life. Using art as a creative vehicle, three talented artists living with vision impairment – Dave Steele, Rachel Gadsden and Baluji Shrivastav, OBE – have come together to create an audio-visual performance including poetry, painting and music. The music was composed, performed, and directed by Baluji Shrivastav, OBE, with the Inner Vision Orchestra.

The performance expresses the impact of vision loss on people’s lives – the common experiences, the emotions felt and the courageous, persistent human response to overcoming the challenges faced.

With Change Makers, our goal is to bring the communities, the experiences, and the challenges experienced by people living with vision loss to the forefront. Ultimately the campaign will recognise individuals who have contributed to the community and we hope that through this activity we will create a platform for solidarity, experience sharing and discussion on eye health.

Join us on our journey as we celebrate Change Makers and drive awareness of the need to do more for people living with vision loss through a series of videos; check out our YouTube playlist for audio described options (coming soon), to ensure community inclusivity.

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